Sword in two hands - Posta

Sword in two hands – Posta Longa (Long Guard)

Folio 24 r. a


This is Posta Longa (Long Guard), full of deception. She is feeling the guards of the opponents to decieve them. If she can wound with a thrust, she will do it well. She dodges the blows and can strike back. She can do it more than the other guards who cannot use such deception.


Posta Longa holds the blade in the centreline with the arms extended, as if having just delivered a long thrust to the face.

It is one of the instabile (unstable) guards. The hands are separated from the core and it lacks structural strength. It is easily beaten to the side, however, the position of the hands means it is quite strong in the vertical plane, and so is not easily beaten up or down.

By constantly extending toward the opponents face, Posta Longa creates an unnerving barrier which keeps them at a long distance. To make any kind of attack, they must first beat aside the point, which is the reference to feeling the guards of the opponents.

Because the opponent is so far away, their techniques are more easily seen. This gives you time to avoid them by dropping back out of the way and making a counter attack.

Downward cuts and high thrusts all pass through Posta Longa.

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