Sword in armour - Plays

Sword in armour – 10th scholar

Folio 34 v. a


This play is also from Posta Vera Croce in such a way. That is, that when the scholar is in that guard and one meets him, that as soon as he can reach the player, the scholar passes off the line and stabs him in the face, as you see it done here.


Conceptually, this play is very similar to the 1st scholar. Where the 1st scholar counters low, however, the 10th scholar counters high.

Once again, you begin by waiting in posta vera crose, inviting an attack from your opponent. For this play, they would most reasonably attack from, or at least transition through, posta serpentino lo soprano, attacking with an overhead thrust.

As described in the master play, slide your right foot across to open your hips. Transfer your weight from your left foot to your right, and drive your hips clockwise as you do so. This transition from a rear to a forward weighted stance gives a lot of power and momentum, allowing you to sweep your sword in a vertical plane across in front of you, clearing away the attack.

A lot of what happens next depends on how the blades cross. If you have crossed their blade close to the hilt, your opponents right hand will collapse slightly and they will turn very slightly clockwise. This allows you a path over their right hand.

Smoothly pivoting around the point where the blades cross, step through with your left foot and raise your right hand, reaching over your opponents weapon as shown. This should flow on from the master play in a single smooth, flowing movement. As your left foot grounds itself, use it to add weight and momentum to push your sword forward onto your opponents face.

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