Spear on foot

Spear – Scholar of the first 3 masters

Folio 39 v. c


The three guards that are drawn above, that is, the tutta porta di ferro, the mezza porta di ferro and posta di fenestra, should all finish in this play, which is their art. Like this I strike for them.


The minimalist style which characterises armizare is most fully realised by the scholars of the spear. Regardless of which posta you come from, slide your front foot offline, and sweep your spear across your body as you step through. There is no need to push it off to the side. You are better off using the spear to control the centre line and stepping around it. This will make for a fast, tight movement.

With your weapon now dominating the centre, the spear should be aimed directly at your opponents face. As your right foot lands, extend your arms, driving the point into them as shown.

Such a beat and stab is a form of exchanging the thrust. You will see similar examples being used with two handed weapons in the following plays.

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