Baton – 3rd scholar

Folio 8 v. c


I have taken this play from the eighth remedy master of dagger, and even with this baton I can make my defence. And as I make the cover I stand and the play of my master I can do. And also with a hood or a piece of rope I can do this. The counter of my master is also mine.


The plays of the baton as a collective group all emphasise the self defence aspect of armizare. This is the application of the 8th master of dagger in a ‘street fight’ scenario.

As you sit minding your own business, the player leaps out of nowhere and starts driving home a barrage of sottano stabs with great intent and little technique. As poor as this sounds when written down, it is the basic pattern for a huge proportion of knife fights. Knife fighting is ugly, scrappy and usually over very quickly. If you are stabbed once, you will be stabbed a dozen times.

Despite the huge disadvantage of being taken by surprise, as the 3rd scholar you can still fight your way out of this. Grab your baton, your hood, a length of rope, or literally anything that comes to hand. Jam the attack with the best approximation of posta mezana porta di ferro that you can manage under the circumstances. This is a simple and instinctive defence which is a lot more effective than it sounds.

Leap to your feet as fast as possible, and immediately go on the attack using any opportunity which presents itself. Given your opponent was banking everything on a one hit win, they will probably be taken aback by the fact that you are on your feet and fighting. This will allow you to momentarily regain the advantage. Make the most of it.

Also be aware that your opponent will be trying to sweep your elbow aside, clearing the centreline for them to start stabbing again.

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