Baton – 1st scholar

Folio 8 v. a


See how with the baton I will hold you by the neck. And if I want to throw you to the ground, I will have little trouble in doing so. If I want to put you in the strong bind, you will go. And you will not have a counter to this.


Given the position of the two combatants, the scholar has clearly deflected the attack and is now making a counterstrike. A reasonable interpretation of having arrived here is from the defence of the Master of Sword vs Dagger.

As the scholar, make a pass. The hip movement will allow you to use your left hand to jam and control the opponents elbow and in the same movement, deliver a roverso fendente using the baton as a dagger. Aim the point behind the opponents neck and strike the side of the neck with the ulnar edge of the forearm.

This will cause a jarring effect in your opponent, giving you a moment to twist forward with the right hip and slide your left arm up. Grab onto the end of the baton. You have now encased the neck as shown.

Drop your weight down into Dagger Posta Mezza Porta di Ferro Dopia Incrosada. The closer you pull your hands into your own centre of gravity, the more the dagger pushes at the base of the opponents skull, increasing the pressure your wrists apply to the carotid arteries at the front of the neck. It will also cause your opponent to drop to their kees, levering the head back at an untenable angle.

This combined assault on both sides of the neck will probably break it, and at the very least will cause your opponent to rapidly lose consiousness. By then performing a tutta volta and dropping your left knee to the ground, you can easily throw your opponent on their back at your feet.

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