Dagger – 11th scholar of the 5th master

Folio 15 v. c


This is the play of the scholar who is before me, however, I take the dagger in this way, so that I push his dagger the to the ground and then to the right to twist the dagger as it is written above. And with the turn that I do with the dagger, I will put the point in his chest without fail.


Against a collar grab and sottano stab from your opponent, here you ignore the grab completely, and focus entirely on the dagger.

With your left hand, grab your opponents attacking wrist. This will not be enough to stop the attack, but you will be able to direct it past your left hip. Although you will have to reach out to catch the wrist initially, as always, return your elbow as quickly as possible to your ribs. This links the attackers hand to your core, giving you greater control.

At the same time, make an inside scoop with your right hand, brushing the blade past you. This is the point shown in the picture. Grab into the blade with your thumb by the hilt and roll your right wrist, twisting the point to the outside, and then across the front of your leg.

Your opponent will have to pull their hand back for a second attempt at a strike. As they do so, move with their momentum and keep turning your right hand so that the blade is horizontal along your belt in front of you. You should have now twisted their hand so that the palm is facing up.

Step through with your right foot. Keep turning the dagger in a horizontal plane. The position of your opponents hand will make it relatively easy to strip the dagger out. As you step into your opponent, push the point of the dagger into their solar plexus. If possible, wedge the dagger handle against your own body. This way, you can push yourself against your opponent, using all your body weight to impale them, rather than just the strength of your forearm.

You can see this technique, or variations on it, in the following plays

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