Dagger – 1st scholar of the 6th Master

Folio 16 r. b


I have made the cover of the sixth remedy master of dagger that comes before me. And immediately with this grip I can wound you. And I will take the dagger, because of the way I hold my left hand. Also I can put you into the middle bind, which is the third play of the first remedy master of dagger. Also there are other plays I can do without abandoning my dagger.


As the 6th Master of Dagger, you have blocked an attack using Posta Mezana Porta di Ferro. To continue as the 1st scholar, move your right hand slightly up and forward, allowing your left hand to slide under your opponents right wrist. Roll your left hand over into a grab, so making the cover of the 1st Master. Bring your right hand around in a tight arc to rest in front of your centre of gravity, with the blade extending straight forward.

This is all done as a single smooth movement. From here you can make any of the plays of the 1st Master, including stepping forward to perform a middle bind.

Pull your left hand back to rest on your ribs. As you pull it back, firmly twist your hand over so it is palm up. This will twist your opponents dagger out of harms way to your left, probably causing them to drop it. The twist will also pull your opponent off balance and drive them onto your dagger blade.

As you pull back with your arm, turn your hips anticlockwise. Your own dagger is anchored to your right hip. There should be no need to extend it. It will naturally push straight through your opponents abdomen.

If your opponent is armoured, you will need to direct your dagger to a less protected target. An easily available place to look would be under the right armpit. Although the angles will change, the mechanics are exactly the same. Anchor your own blade to your body, and pull your opponent onto it.

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