Dagger –2nd scholar of the 4th master

Folio 14 v. c

  Folio 14 v. c


This is another high bind and is very strong. And I am sure to put you on the ground. And I can dislocate the arm or break it as I choose. To counter me, if you take you right hand with your left, your grip will be good and mine will fail.


The text for this play is not very specific, and the picture shows the arms impossibly knotted. I have interpreted this as a type of shihon nage.

Against an overhead strike, make the play of the fourth master with your hands in a sword grip. The right hand is by the wrist and the left is mid way down the forearm, thumbs towards the hand. Use this block to absorb the shock of the blow. You need to apply the bind as your opponent moves their hand back for a second strike.

This technique is very much a ‘sticky hands’ approach. From the moment of the master play, your hands remain in constant contact, sliding along your opponents arm rather than letting go and grabbing on.

Maintaining contact, roll your left hand over your right and grab the wrist so that your thumbs are against each other. Slide your right hand behind the forearm. Get your own forearm as far down into the crook of their elbow as you can.

Pull your right hand back, locking it against your body. Push forward and down with your left hand. It is not strictly necessary, but you can further increase your grip by rolling your right hand up beneath your left arm and grabbing onto your opponents wrist. This appears to be what Fiore is showing.

The hidden detail of this play is that you are making a first class lever. Your right forearm acts as the fulcrum. As you push the hand down, is raises the elbow and applies pain at the fulcrum point. This will cause your opponent to drop straight to their knees.

The counter is for the player to use their left hand to support their right, and pull their elbow down and back. This applies direct resistance to your leverage and rapidly becomes a contest of strength. Personally, if they tried this, I would kick them in the groin when all their attention was on the hand. You can see in the picture how open they are.