Dagger – 2nd scholar of the 5th master

Folio 38 v. d


This is another way to make you let go, which is also a better way to remove a spear. Also I say that if I strike hard on the wrist of the hand that holds my collar, I am sure that I will dislocate it if you do not take it away.

I will now tell you the counter. When the scholar brings his arm down to dislocate the hand of the player, immediately the player removes his hand from the scholars collar and quickly strikes with the dagger in the chest.


The 2nd scholar goes to break the opponents grip by sheer force. As he says, it is also more likely to break a tangled spearshaft than the technique used by the 1st scholar.

As your opponent grabs you, raise both your hands above your head. Make a fist with one and wrap the other over the top of it.

Drive your arms straight down as hard as possible. Use your lat muscles to do this rather than the muscles of your arms or shoulders. Your elbows should finish on your hips, and your hands in front of your solar plexus. Bend your knees and sink down in a squat while doing this to add all of your body weight to your strike.

Although this is a powerful technique, it is also a large and relatively slow one. This makes it quite easy to counter. If you are taking the part of the player, as you see and feel your opponent dropping into the break, simply let go, and snatch your hand back out of the way. Chamber your dagger as you do so.

The mechanics of the scholars break make it difficult to stop once committed to action. The scholar will be left in a momentarily static position with their chest and head exposed. Pick a target and drive your dagger into it.