Dagger – 2nd scholar of the 6th master

Folio 16 r. c


This half turn was made from the cover of the sixth master of dagger, and I have placed myself to quickly strike you. And even if you were armoured, I would care little, because I would push this dagger into your face, although here I have put it in the chest because you are not armoured, and do not know close plays.


Block any overhead dagger attack using Posta Mezana Porta di Ferro. To continue as the 2nd scholar, you need to crowd right on top of your opponent. Your intended counter attack only has a very short range. In many ways, it can be considered an exchange of thrusts in miniature.

As soon as you complete the block shown in the master play, shuffle your back foot up. Much of the power of the block derives from the anchor of the back foot, so moving it will release the block to some extent.

As your back foot moves up, drop your right elbow to lock onto your right hip. Turn your hips clockwise. Keep the forearm facing forward. Roll the left hand over the top, so that your two hands define the vertical plane which is your right edge. This will turn your opponent slightly. Step your left foot forward so that it is behind your opponents front foot.

With an anticlockwise twist of your hips, transfer your weight onto your front foot and push into your opponent as shown in the picture. Use the twist to drive your dagger into your opponents centreline.

Aiming for the solar plexus will be the shortest and easiest attack, as your dagger tip should naturally roll there anyway. You may have to target your opponents face, throat or armpit, depending on their armour. Only do it if you must. The lower you strike, the faster and more powerful your attack will be.

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