Dagger – 3rd counter to the 1st master

Folio 11 v. b


I am also a counter to the first remedy master of dagger. With the grip that his student makes to me, I am going to hurt him. And if he wants to try other plays against me, I will counter them without delay.


Having attacked your oppponent with a fendente stab, they have made the cover of the 1st master using a hooking block against you. To counter this, keep your feet still and pivot your left hip forward, making a hooking block of your own.

Always keeping your elbow in close, sweep your left forearm horizontally across your body, then leading with your thumb, swing the hand up and back across to your left. Catch your opponents wrist with the curve which forms at the base of your thumb. As you make contact, roll your hand over their wrist. This is the moment shown in the picture.

Continue the momentum of your left hand so that your elbow is against your ribs, your arm is bent at 90 degrees, and your hand is at shoulder height. Your left hip should be slightly forward. As you make this movement, draw your right hand back to your shoulder to chamber it for a second strike.

Push your right hip forward and pull your left back. Keep your left hand still relative to your body. Use the motion to pull your opponent off balance. With your right hand, you can strike with a fendente anywhere from the kidneys to the neck. Alternatively, you can pull your opponent into a roverso strike into their face or throat.

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