Dagger – 3rd scholar of the 6th master

Folio 16 r. d


I have not abandoned the cover of the sixth master of dagger. I have turned my left arm over your right. And moving my right foot with the left arm I have turned myself to the outside. You are half bound and you must admit, you quickly lost your dagger. And I make this play so quickly that I have no fear or doubts.


You have defended yourself as the 6th master against a dagger strike. This play then continues on to perform the five things you should do against an opponent.

You must make the transition from the master play to the 3rd scholar as smoothly as possible. You are aiming to catch and redirect the energy of their attack rather than stop it altogether.

The instant you make contact as the master, drop your right hand slightly and lunge forward with your front foot behind and to the outside of your opponents right foot. This will drop your weight a little, redirecting the attack to the inside line.

Spin your right foot behind you in an arc. Drop your right hand down to your hip and spiral your left hand over your opponents wrist and then down as well. Push your hips into and just under your opponents. There is a lot going on here and it needs to happen in a single motion. You will need to practice this movement often to make it smooth. This is the crux of the play where you steal your opponents centre.

You should be left in the position depicted. You will be in a solid stance, leaning forward, but with a straight back. Your hands will be holding the dagger in the same grip as when they started, with the dagger itself resting comfortably in close to you centre of gravity. If you were to stand up straight without moving your legs from here, you would be in Posta Mezana Porta di Ferro.

Your opponents right arm will be pinned between your left arm and your body, with the blade of their dagger projecting harmlessly away from you. Your opponent will be twisted uncomfortable over, trying to regain their balance.

From here, you can let go of your own dagger with your right hand, and strip the dagger from your opponent. While doing this, you need to either walk forward or continue turning in a clockwise direction. Your opponent is not completely bound and will be trying to twist free. You need to keep as close as possible to them and push their hand up their spine to complete the lock.

With your newly acquired dagger, stab your opponent in the neck or right armpit.

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