Dagger – 4th scholar of the 5th master

Folio 38 v. d


This is a play to make you let go. Also, if I advance my right foot behind your left foot, you will be thrown to the ground without fail. And if this play is not enough, I will use others to give you a taste of your own dagger, because my heart and eyes watch for nothing else except for taking your dagger without delay.


As with all defences of the 5th master of dagger, you are defending yourself here against another attempted grab and stab by your opponent.

Pin the hand against your chest with your left hand. With your right forearm held vertically, lift it over your opponents elbow and drop it straight down. As you do so, twist your opponents hand to the right, and make a shuffle step forward so your right foot is behind your opponents left.

Your opponents forearm is completely pinned. This throw actually comes from pressure delivered to the lower inside part of their humerus. Your opponent will twist and fall to the right. Your training partner will appreciate this throw. It is much more gentle on the recieving arm than simply twisting the wrist alone.

A slight variant, which I personally prefer, is to pin your opponents hand with your right hand, and then drop your elbow down the inside line as described above. This will leave your left hand completely free to cover agianst the dagger.

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