Dagger – 4th scholar of the 6th master

Folio 16 v. a


From the cover of my master, I made this hold. Armoured and unarmoured I can strike you. And also I can put you in the upper bind of the first scholar of the fourth remedy master of dagger.


This play is functionally identical to the 1st scholar of the 6th master, although there are some subtle differences. Primarily, where the 1st scholar steps in close, the 4th scholar delivers the counter attack from where the cover is made.

Against a fendente attack, make the cover of the 6th master. You will find yourself in a high Posta Mezana Porta di Ferro. As you make contact and cover the attack, raise your right hand slightly and roll your hands to the inside line.

Your left hand slides to the attackers dagger hand and grips the wrist. Fiore shows the grip with the thumb up. This works fine for this play, however, if you want to transition to an upper bind as suggested, it will work better if you slide your hand under the wrist and grab with the thumb down. In dong so, you would have made the cover of the 1st master.

As you grab the wrist, roll your right hand back to chamber on your ribs, and then stab straight forward into your opponents solar plexus.

The scholar also tells us you can transition into the soprano ligadura – the upper bind. To do this, you need to grab the opponents dagger hand with your thumb down as explained above. Either before or after stabbing your opponent, drop your dagger. Reach behind your opponents right hand, and grab the whole hand, inluding the dagger, just like the 1st scholar of the 4th master. Cut straight down behind your opponents spine, causing them to fall down and back.

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