Dagger – 5th scholar of the 1st master

Folio 11 v. d


I am the scholar of the first remedy master of dagger. And with this grip I want to take your dagger and bind your arm. And I do not believe that you know how to counter this, so I will do this to you without delay.


This play is thematically the same as the scholar of the 2nd master of dagger. Although the actual mechanics of manipulating the arm are a little different, both plays lock the dagger arm by bending it back on itself.

As the 5th scholar, use the master cover by making a hooking block against your opponents right wrist with your left hand. Try to catch it as early as possible, while the hand is still quite high. As soon as you make contact, use the ulnar edge of your right forearm to strike inside the crook of your opponents elbow, as shown. You are aiming to hold the hand still in space, while catching the movement of the arm, exaggerating its motion.

Pull down with your right arm, locking it against your body. Step through with your left foot and push forward with your left hand as you do so. Keep pushing your opponents hand, bending it down behind their shoulder. This will force them to their knees. You can either bind and hold them, or strip the dagger with your left hand and continue your attack.

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