Dagger – 5th scholar of the 5th master

Folio 15 r. a


The player held me by the collar, but immediately before he stabbed me with his dagger, I used both of my hands to grab his left hand and put his arm over my right shoulder and then dislocated his arm. This will completely destroy it. I do this more surely in armour than unarmoured.


The 5th scholar is an excellent response to a collar grab. Although shown as an arm break here, it is also possible to use different variants of this technique as a throw. As with all the scholars of the 5th master, bear in mind that although people often practice these techniques from a standing start, they work best under movement.

From the starting position of both combatants having their right foot forward, as in the master play, catch your opponents left hand using both of yours. Have your thumbs on top of your opponents wrist. This play will be more effective if you grab the hand out of the air, either opportunistically, or as your opponent reaches out to grab you.

As you take the hand, slide your right foot forward and to the outside. Pivot anticlockwise on the balls of your feet, while lifting your opponents arm over your shoulder. You need the palm of your opponents hand facing up, so as to lock the arm. You should find yourself as drawn.

This makes a first class lever. Your shoulder is the fulcrum. Hold your opponents forearm as you would a sword, and cut down. Exactly what happens depends on exactly how you have placed the arm.

By placing the elbow on your shoulder, you will rip open your opponents elbow.

By pulling your opponents arm all the way to the armpit as drawn, you will dislocate the shoulder.

By pulling the arm all the way to the armpit, stepping back with your left leg, and deeply bending your right leg, you can extend the cutting motion, which will savagely throw your opponent over your shoulder.

By making a mirror image of this play, swapping one side for the other, you can make the same play attacking the right arm from the cover of the 9th master.

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