Dagger – 5th scholar of the 6th master

Folio 16 v. b


Not abandoning the cover of the sixth master, I do this turn. Your right hand will lose the dagger, and you see that it is reversed. My dagger will hurt you now, and your dagger will be lost to you. Also I can turn with the left arm and put you in the lower bind so making things hard for you.


Against a fendente stab, you defend yourself with the cover of the 6th master using Posta Mezana Porta di Ferro.

Keeping your right hand still, pivot your left hand with the point of your dagger in an arc across the front of and then above your opponents hand. At the end of the movement, drop the point a little and raise your right hand, pushing it in towards your opponent. This is all quite a soft movement with your hands rolling over in a set of circles in a motion similar to pedalling a bicycle.

The first roll with the left hand will turn your opponents dagger inward and so far around that it starts to point towards them. Unless they have uncommonly flexible wrists, it will strip the dagger from their hands at this point. The movement of the right hand completes the action. This is the point shown in the picture.

Let go of the dagger tip with your left hand. Extend your right hand straight forward and push your dagger into your opponents face, throat or chest.

Alternatively, as you let go of your dagger tip, lunge forward with your left foot. Make it land behind your opponents front foot. At the same time, slide your left hand through your opponents arm, under their armpit, and onto the back of their shoulder.

Pivot your right foot around behind you. Push your hips up against your opponent, and locking your left elbow against your own body, lever them down into a lower bind. Push your dagger through the side of their neck, or into their temple.

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