Dagger – 6th scholar of the 9th master

Folio 18 v. a


The grip of my master did not fail me and this player saw that I was not letting go of the grip. And as he pushed the dagger to the ground, I quickly passed his hand between his legs and grabbed it again. And when I had a good grip, I passed behind him. As you can see, he cannot dismount without falling. And I can then do the play that comes after me. My right hand lets the dagger go and takes his foot to throw him completely on the ground  and I cannot fail to take the dagger.  


In this unlikeliest of plays, your opponent begins with a sottano stab. Catch their hand in a sword grip as described by the 9th master. Drop your weight onto the back foot and pull your arms in slightly. This will overextend your opponent. As they pull the dagger back to rebalance themselves, this is your opportunity to act.

Catching the momentum, protect your face with your left hand, and use your right to push your opponents hand down to around knee height. Lunge deeply forward with your left foot. This will drop your weight down, allowing you to push the arm down without bending.

Make sure your lunge carries your front foot past your opponent. As your front foot lands, swing your opponents arm between their legs. Catch their hand with your left. Pivot 180 degrees on the ball of your left foot, swinging your right foot behind you, so that you are left standing behind your opponent facing in the same direction as they are. Their right arm will be between their legs as shown, and you will be able to strip the dagger with your right hand. You are also free to continue as the 7th scholar.

It is worth noting that the chances of performing this unnecessarily complex play at speed and with intent against any but either the most obligingly compliant or catastrophically inept opponent, are low in the extreme.

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