Dagger – 7th scholar of the 9th master

Folio 18 v. b


This scholar who is before me has made the beginning, and I finish the play by sending him to earth as has been described. This play is not part of my art, but I show it to share what others will do.


This play follows directly on from the 6th scholar. Whereas the 6th scholar stripped the dagger from the hand, here you finish the play by instead bending the knee to reach down and scoop up your opponents back foot. Give them a giant wedgie and then throw them off balance into a tangle of arms and legs.

It is interesting to notice Fiore distance himself from the 6th and 7th scholars by very clearly stating that this play is not part of armizare. This technique does appear in other manuals, suggesting it was well recognised. Fiore obviously learned it himself. Quite unlike Fiores own style, however, it is unnecessarily elaborate with a low chance of success in a high risk environment where your prime objective should be to finish things as quickly and thoroughly as possible. He shows us this play because it would be known about, would look good in a choreographed display, and the audience would expect a master to know it.

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