Dagger – 8th scholar of the 1st master

Folio 12 v. b


I take the dagger out of your hand because I am well placed, and I will push the tip up next to your elbow. And you will lose it, and I will wound you with it straight away. Because I cannot bend the arm, I will do such a dagger disarm.


Against a fendente stab, you make the cover of the 1st master. Make a hooking block with your left hand. Scoop it under the attacking dagger, leading with the thumb. Roll the hand so it is palm up. Contact your opponents wrist with the ‘hook’ at the connection between the base of your own thumb and your wrist. As soon as you contact, roll the wrist over to grab your opponents forearm. This is a very smooth motion. There should be no clashing of the arms.

As you grab your opponents wrist with your left hand, grab the dagger blade with your right, as shown in the picture. Tuck your left elbow in and pull it back to your hip. As you pull with your left hand, push down and forward with your right.

This will cause the dagger to rotate in a vertical plane around a point midway along the blade, until it is stripped from the hand. Your opponent will be pulled forward off balance.

Use your right hand to make a hammerfist strike. Ideally, the dagger tip will be extending out the bottom of the fist. Hit them in the eyes or throat with it. The fact that they are falling forward will add greatly to the impact.

Your opponent will be hurt and momentarily stunned. Take the opportunity to get a better grip on your new dagger and set yourself up to complete the finishing combination of five things you must do.

Conceptually, this play is very similar to the following.

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