Dagger – 8th scholar of the 5th master

Folio 15 r. d


If I can turn this arm, I do not doubt that I will put you in the lower bind and strong key. Although if I were armoured I would be more sure of doing this. Also, there is another counter you can do. If I hold the left hand firmly and with the right I take hold under your left knee, I will not lack the strength to put you on the ground.


Against a grab from your opponent, you make the play of the 8th scholar by putting them in a lower bind using their left arm. Grab their left hand with yours, pinning it against your chest. If possible, drop your weight back slightly so as to keep their momentum coming towards you. Reach up with your right hand to catch their elbow as shown.

If your front foot is not already next to theirs, then shuffle it forward and pivot suddenly on your right foot. Arc your left foot anticlockwise behind you leaving you facing the opposite direction. Push your hips under theirs and steal their centre.

As you spin past your opponents left side, push the elbow up slightly. Then make a downward cut with your right hand, timing it to end as your left foot anchors onto the floor. This will leave your opponent off balance and bent over at the hips. Using your left hand, fold their forearm so that their hand is as high up their spine as you can get it.

They are now locked in the lower bind. You can apply leverage to the shoulder joint by pushing on the back of the shoulder with your right hand while lifting yourself up and forward. Other examples of the lower bind or variations of it, can be seen in the following plays.

Fiore also suggests an alternative, which is to pin your opponents hand to your chest with your left hand and scoop under their left knee with your right hand. This makes the play of the 3rd scholar of the 5th master of dagger.

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