Dagger – Counter to 7th scholar of the 1st master

Folio 12 v. a


Regarding the play that is before me, where you wanted to break my arm over your shoulder. For that play, I do this counter to you. With great force I will throw you to the ground. I will break you and kill you so that neither to me nor others will you ever more do this injury.


Against your overhead strike, you opponent has made the play of the 7th scholar of the 1st master. They have caught your right hand in a hooking block. Pivoting around, they are attempting to break your right elbow over their left shoulder. This action will twist your forearm over so that it is palm up. It is critical that you turn this back over.

If you try to pull away, you are lending more advantage to your opponent. Move your right foot forward, and drop as much weight onto it as you can. Punch your right hand forward through your opponents grip, twisting the hand as you go, so that it is palm down. This will achieve two things. It will unlock the elbow, allowing it to bend normally. It will also move the pivot point of your opponents lever from your elbow up to the relatively safe armpit.

You are now holding your opponent from behind, as well as pushing them slightly forward. Grab anything you can near their right hip, and clamp your right hand tight against their body. Keeping your back straight, drop into a deep squat. You are pulling your opponents weight to sit on your thighs and hips. With your left hand, scoop out your opponents back leg. This is the point shown in the picture.

Lift your left hand up. As their body is pulled forward and down, and their leg is pulled up and back, your opponent will momentarily and uncomfortably balance on one leg. Once they tip past that point, their front leg will slip out behind them.

At that moment, straighten your legs, throwing your opponent up as much as possible. Then let go of everything, dropping them horizontally in a body slam. They will be left lying face down at your feet and completely at your mercy.