Dagger – Counter to the 5th master

Folio 15 v. d


So that his scholar cannot dislocate my arm, I pull it close and bend it. And the more I bend the arm it will be even better, because this is the counter to the remedy master of the narrow plays of the dagger.


The 5th master defends against a grab and stab style attack, often by striking or hyperextending the elbow.

The simple counter is to stand closer to your opponent so that the elbow is bent. The more you bend your elbow, the safer it will be from strikes and hyperextensions directed against it. When bending the elbow, be sure to keep it tucked in rather than sticking out to the side.

An outward sticking elbow creates a crank handle. If the player held your arm to their chest with their left hand and cranked your elbow up and over with their right, it would end in you being on the receiving end of a lower bind, as described by the 8th scholar of the 5th master, or a throw as shown by the 2nd scholar of the 3rd master.