Dagger – Counter to the 6th master

Folio 16 v. c


I do the counter to the sixth remedy master of dagger. Pushing your elbow, I will make your body turn and then I can strike you. Because with this push that I quickly do, I can do many defences of the narrow play. And more than anything, it is a counter to the holds of the narrow play.


When your attack is defended by the cover of the 6th master, Fiores advice is to counter it with an elbow push. The action of the master and all the scholars are especially open to this kind of counter. At the moment of the master cover, your opponent will be extending their arms quite high to cover against the dagger. This leaves the arms disconnected from their core.

The strength of the 6th master is all vertical. You will not be able to force your way through the block. However, it has no lateral strength, so you can easily push it off to the side, as shown.

Maintain contact with the elbow using your left hand to push and keep your opponent off to the right. This will easily give you enough room to make a second strike over your left arm. This simple technique is the most commonly represented play in the Fior di Battaglia. You will also see examples of the elbow push in the following plays.

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