Dagger – Counter to the 6th scholar of the 1st master

Folio 12 r. c


This is the counter of the play which came before which is known to be stronger. And I will turn him with my left hand. Having turned him, I cannot fail to wound him.


Against a downward stab, your opponent has blocked the attack with posta porta di ferro dopia as the 6th scholar. By rolling their left hand over your wrist, they can transition to any of the scholars of the 1st master.

In the moment of being blocked, you have a chance to continue the attack from another direction. Your opponent will be directing the line of force through their right forearm up and forward in opposition to your attack. This momentarily leaves their elbow exposed and relatively weak in the lateral plane. If they dont keep their elbows in, then all the better for you, as your new target will be that much more open.

Reach out with your left hand to cup your opponents right elbow. You do not want to overextend your arm. Keep your own elbow in and no further than a hand span from your body. Step through with your left foot while their attention is still focused on the dagger. This is the moment shown.

As your left foot grounds onto the floor, push forward with your hip. Use this hip motion to violently shove your opponents right elbow up towards their left shoulder. This will turn them and jam up both of their arms. If you like, you can even hold the elbow and lock your arm in place, making them that much more immobile.

Before they recover, you will have at least one free strike at any target you choose in an arc from one shoulder to the other. You could also strike under their arms with a low mandritto to their left ribcage or abdomen. As with all dagger attacks, having made the first strike, press your advantage home and follow up with as many more as you can manage.

The elbow push can also be seen in the following plays.

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