Dagger – Counter to the 7th master

Folio 17 r. b


This is the counter of the seventh remedy master who is before me, that I do with a push to his right elbow. Also I say that this counter is good for every narrow play of dagger, and of pollaxe, and the sword either in armour or unarmoured. And when I push the elbow, I quickly strike him in the shoulder.


Having made a fendente attack against your opponent, they have jammed your attack using a high posta mezza porta di ferro dopia incrosada as described by the 7th master of dagger. Your opponent has a number of different options to move onto from here. Most of them will involve moving their right hand further across their body to free it up for a counter strike, and all of them start with an exposed elbow.

Take advantage of this by reaching out with your left hand and placing it on your opponents right elbow as shown. Use this as a place marker while you step through with your left foot. As your foot anchors onto the ground, shove the elbow away, turning your opponent and leaving them open to a second attack either on their back or right side.

The elbow push is by far the most commonly depicted play in the Fior di Battaglia. If the many examples do not make the point, here Fiore tells us very explicitly that this cover works in all narrow plays with all weapons with any or no armour. It is the universal counter which is central to the style of armizare.

Other examples of the elbow push can be seen in the following plays.

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