Dagger – Counter to the 8th scholar of the 1st master

Folio 12 v. c


I do the counter of the play that came before me. You will not take my dagger because I will push you onto my dagger with my left hand, and with the cruel tip, I will hurt you for your trouble.


There is a delightful kind of humour about this counter, which is very appealing. It is fast, simple, and has a malicious punchline.

Against your fendente strike, your opponent has jammed the attack with a hooking block, as shown by the 1st master. As described by the 8th scholar, they are then reaching up to grab your dagger blade and twist it out of your hand.

Keeping your right hand as a fixed point in space, drop your hips, pushing forward with the left. If your left hand is relaxed, it will automatically pivot from the elbow, swinging forward and up. As it does so, grab your opponents wrist. With a sharp jab, drive their hand onto the dagger point.

This is by no means a finishing move. The exact effect will vary depending on your opponents pain threshold and level of intent. At an absolute minimum, their body will tense up in shock for a full second. Their hands will pop open, they will be momentarily frozen, and they will probably be swearing violently.

All of this adds up to the perfect opportunity to continue with the five things you must do to finish a fight. Be assertive in making the most of this.

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