Dagger – Posta Mezana Porta di Ferro (Middle Iron Gate Guard)

Folio 9 r. e


I am Mezana Porta di Ferro (Middle Iron Door) with the dagger in hand and I am doubled. I am the best and stronger than all the others. And I am good in armour and without, and I cover low or high on either side.


The dagger is held in a hammer grip, with the left hand holding the blade and the thumbs toward the daggers centre. The arms work to brace each other. By flaring the elbows slightly, the two arms joined by the dagger form a circle which is very strong and mobile. They can cover in all directions and extend away from the body, leading to the claim that it is good without armour and stronger than all the others.

An adaptable position which can continue with a wide variety of techniques, this posta is used by the Sixth and Eighth masters.