Dagger – Scholar of the 2nd counter to the 1st master

Folio 11 v. c


This is a counter which is not mine. It is a play of the counter which is above me, namely, the second counter remedy that has bound with his dagger the hand of the player and he says he can stab the dagger in the players back. I know how to make his play. He said to stab in the back but I put it in his chest. His play can be finished either way you choose.


This play flows on as an alternative end to the 2nd counter to the 1st master. To arrive at this point, you have attacked your opponent with a fendente. Your opponent has made the cover of the 1st master. Using the 2nd counter, you pin your opponents wrist between your dagger and your arm. By then cutting down to your left, you will turn your opponent around. Slide your left hand off your dagger and grab your opponents wrist with it, while your right hand chambers the dagger for a second strike. This is the position shown.

The 2nd counter master strikes with another fendente into the opponents back. As the scholar tells us, you can also strike with a roverso into your opponents chest. You could just as easily put it into your opponents throat or face. The option you choose will be dependant on how far they turn, as this will expose different targets.

It is worth noting that the 3rd counter to the 1st master will also finish in a similar position, and will also have the same options to deliver the finishing blow.

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