Fior di Battaglia

Download your translated copy here

This is the translation of Fior di Battaglia we will be consistently referring to. Download your copy here. This is a massive pdf file, and may take a while to download.

Translation of any text is more than just a simple transcription of semantic equivalence. There are constant allowances to try and make the language flow naturally, while still retaining a feel of the original intent. Despite the text being littered with threats and bragging, Fiore also very importantly writes in a simple style with great clarity to precisely explain his actions.

The idea of this translation was to make the experience as close as possible to fluently reading the original. Colour flashes in the text have been kept as close as possible to their original positions on the page. The font was chosen to be like the original, but still easily readable. The original capital letters have been used where possible, or key components of the original letter have been incorporated to maintain the manuscripts feel. The colour of the text has been matched to the the original paragraph it translates. Each play has been named as a numbered master, scholar, or counter.