Horseback – 3rd Master

Folio 41 v. d


This master also carries his lance in Posta di Donna la Sinistra (Lady’s Guard on the Left) to beat aside the lance that the player throws. And the beat he does here with a lance, can also be done with a baton or short sword.


This Master uses exactly the same technique as the 2nd Master of horseback. Only the context has changed, highlighting the adaptability of this defence.

In the same way that you beat diagonally downward to knock aside an opponents lance, you can also beat aside a thrown spear. The Master demonstrates a concept more than anything else. Anything you hold which can reasonably be expected to be strong enough to swat aside a thrown weapon will work just as well here. Chamber whatever you are holding at the left shoulder and use a diagonally downward cut over the top of your horses head to knock projectiles out of the air from in front of you.

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