Horseback – 6th master

Folio 43 r. b


The one with the sword waits for the one with the lance in Posta Dente di Zenghiaro (Boars Tusk Guard). As the lancer approaches, the master with the sword beats the lance to the right and maintaining a cover strikes with a turn of the sword.


This play is a good example of how armizare applies the same principles in a number of different contexts. Here, the master takes the concept of posta dente di zenghiaro, applies it to a sword in one hand and does it from horseback.

The fundamental aspects of the posta remain unchanged. Strike up and to the right on an angle across the top of the horses head. Use the false edge of the blade to knock the opposing lance point off line. The mechanics of the beat are essentially the same as the 1st master of horse. Having beaten the lance aside, you can continue with a number of strikes as shown by the scholars of the 8th master of horse.

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