Mixed weapons – 2nd master

Folio 31 r. c

Translation – Master

This master waits for these two with their spears, the first to attack with an over handed thrust, and the other to come from below, as is seen. The master waits with his staff and dagger. When one of these men attacks with his spear, the master moves his staff to the right, almost into Posta Tutta Porta di Ferro, turning his body, but not moving his feet or the staff from the ground. And the master remains in his guard. And as one of these attacks, he beats the spear aside with his staff and with the dagger if he needs to, to his left side, and with that beat he passes and attacks. And this is his defence against the two spearmen who follow.

Translation – Players

We are both willing to hurt this master, but according to what he said, we will not do anything. Except we will not be decieved in this way. Instead, we will turn the head of the spears behind us, and we will strike with the butt of the spear. And when he beats aside the butt of the spear, we will turn our spear and wound from the other side with the spear head. And this will be his counter.

Explanation – Master

With a staff to hand, the 2nd master of mixed weapons makes the interesting choice of using it solely for defence and relying on the dagger for a counter attack against his opponents armed with spears.

The description is extremely clear. With your dagger poised to strike, and the base of the staff on the ground, swing your left hand across your body. This is a purely defensive move. Although the context is slightly different, the defence is thematically identical to Spear Posta Tutta Porta di Ferro.

As your opponent attacks, beat the thrust aside by sliding your left foot to the right of your staff and swinging your left hand to point directly at your opponent. Given the triangulation that your straight arm provides, and the fact that your body is moving to the right, this does not have to be a large movement. Bringing your staff back to vertical will be enough. Excessive movement here will only slow you down.

Lunge in with your right foot to close the distance with your opponent. In the unlikey event that the beat with the staff coupled with your stepping offline was not sufficient to keep the spear out of your way, you can also cover it with your dagger blade as you step through.

As soon as you are within range, stab your opponent. Stay in tight and keep stabbing until they fall over. As long as you stay in narrow play, you will have all the advantages.

Explanation – Players

The counter to this is the same used by the Counter to the first 3 masters of spear on foot, the Counter to the second 3 masters of spear on foot, and the 2nd scholar of spear vs horseback.

If you are attacking with the spear, as soon as your initial thrust is beaten aside, keep the momentum of that turn going, so that your spear spins a full 180 degrees. Make a second strike with the opposite end of your spear. Be sure to adjust your footing if necessary so that your attacks are always made keeping your opponent at a distance.

The only thing that sets this counter aside from the others is that Fiore recommends you preempt the defence entirely. Turn your spear around, making the initial strike with the butt. That way, your counter, which is the strike intended to do all the damage, will be delivered using the spears head.

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