Mixed weapons – Scholar of the 2nd master

Folio 31 v. a


This is the play of the master who waits for those two with the spears. The master has in his right hand a dagger, and in the left he holds the staff in front of him. He can do this play, and I do it also. But if this player was skillful, the dagger thrust could be well avoided. If he had widened his grip on the spear, and with the extra spear shaft that came after, he had covered under my dagger by crossing it, this would not counter him. And so his spear would wound me if he had been able to do the counter.


In this play, the scholar demonstrates what the 2nd master and players have previously described. Having used the staff to knock the point of the spear to the side, you now close in fast to your opponent. Use the staff to jam the spear. Your opponent has both of their hands occupied in holding their weapon, but they are too crowded to use it. Take the opportunity to stab them mutiple times before they can recover.

If your opponent manages to keep their head, they can still fight you off. Your staff only covers your left side. By taking a wide grip on the spear, turning it perpendicular to the line of attack, and pushing up under your dagger, they have effectively made the cover of the 6th master of dagger.

By then pivoting back on their left foot, they can sweep your dagger aside and break free of the narrow play. This will leave your right side exposed so that they can strike or stab you with the butt of the spear. For your own safety, once you get in close, you must do everything you can to stay there until you have finished your opponent.

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