Pollaxe – Posta Breve la Serpentina (Short Serpent Guard)

Folio 35 v. a


I am Posta Breve la Serpentina (Short Serpent Guard) and I put myself as better than the others. Those I give a thrust to will be well decorated by my mark. This thrust is strong enough to penetrate cuirasses and breastplates. Defend yourself and I will prove it.


Like its counterpart with a sword in armour, this posta considers itself the best in its class. Delivered with a high mass weapon from the back hip which has its own mass of armour driving it, the thrusts from this posta go directly down the centreline forcing a tremendous momentum through a sharp tip. The claims that it is capable of piercing armour are not an exaggeration. This posta delivers the strongest thrusts from anyone on foot in armizare.

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