Pollaxe – Posta Coda Longa (Long Tail Guard)

Folio 36 r. a


I am Posta Coda Longa (Long Tail Guard). I want to counter Posta di Fenestra and I can injure him every time. And with my downward blows I will beat both pollaxe and sword to the ground, and powerfully close to the narrow play as you will find in the plays that follow. Watch them one by one, I beg you.


Posta Coda Longa using a pollaxe is the same in mechanics and application as when making it using a sword in two hands. Take a rear weighted stance. Hold your left forearm close to your body and resting over your centre. With your right hand, extend the weapon behind you. This hides it from view, and allows you to generate plenty of momentum in your blows.

Although it appears to be very open, this is a good stance to wait in, watching your opponent. You can transition to another posta or move to the attack with surprising speed.

This is an excellent posta to move from when entering narrow play. Keep your left elbow locked to your hip. Use it as the pivot point for a strike as you step through. Your strike will be tight and very fast with lots of momentum. This will beat aside anything in its path and cause great wounds.

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