Pollaxe – Posta di Donna (Lady’s Guard)

Folio 35 v. c


I am Posta di Donna (Lady’s Guard) and I counter Posta Dente di Zenghiaro (Boars Tooth Guard). If he is waiting for me, I want to make a powerful blow by passing the left foot forward off the line and entering with a downward cut to the head. And if he strongly blocks under my pollaxe with his, then if I cannot strike him in the head, I will not miss with a strike to his arms or hands.


The pollaxe posta are based on sword posta. It is interesting that with the pollaxe, Fiore specifically advocates using Posta di donna as a counter to Posta dente di zenghiaro, something never mentioned in the sword section.

This shows a rear weighted stance, with the weapon chambered so far over the shoulder that you should be able to see the head of your pollax out of your peripheral vision. By moving off the line with your front foot and stepping through, you can deliver a tremendously powerful strike.

It will not be a fast or deceptive blow. If your opponent blocks it, you can redirect the head of your weapon to attack your opponents hands or forearms.

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