Pollaxe – Posta Porta di Ferro Mezana (Middle Iron Gate Guard)

Folio 35 v. d


If Posta di Donna and my Posta Porta di Ferro Mezana (Middle Iron Gate Guard) come against each other, then I know its play and mine. Again and again we have battled with sword and pollaxe. And I say that what she said she can do to me, I can do it more to her than she can to me. Also I say that if I had a sword and not a pollaxe, then I would put a thrust in the face. That is, when he strikes with a downward blow from Posta di Donna, and I am in Posta Porta di Ferro Mezana with a sword in two hands, as soon as it comes in, I advance forward and step off the line under his pollaxe. Then quickly and strongly I enter, and with my left hand I take my sword in the middle and thrust it into his face. So between us, our cunning cannot compare.


Posta Porta di Ferro Mezana translates across all sections of armizare bar horseback and grappling. It has its equivalents from the miniature version of dagger, through to the long range variant for spear on foot. In all cases, it is noted for its ability to deliver fast and powerful thrusts straight through the centreline.

The description Fiore gives here is an interesting one, as it relates more to defending from Porta di Ferro Mezana with a sword in two hands than a pollaxe.

Regardless of this somewhat tangential description, the use of the posta is clear. You can defend from here with strong upward beats followed by a counterattack, or attack directly from the posta with a thrust. This posta shares many characteristics with Posta Dente di Zenghiaro, except it more emphasises direction along the midline.

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