Sword in armour – Posta de Vera Croce (True Cross Guard)

Folio 32 v. b


The Posta de Vera Croce (Guard of the True Cross) is the counter I want to do to you. Your thrust cannot get through to me. I will cover you in the pass that I do, and with a thrust I will injure you without fail. You and the other guards do not do much to me. I know so well the art of combat that I cannot fail the crossing, for in passing and in crossing and in wounding, this is the art that does not fail.


This is a rear weighted stance with the point of the sword facing away from the opponent. The sword handle is held low, while the point is high. The hand controlling the point is held with the palm up.

Posta Vera Croce is a sinistral stance and can only effectively be recreated on the right side of the body if you are left handed. A mezza volta will leave you in Posta Breve la Serpentina, which, although it shares similarities, has its own particular strengths.

Posta Vera Crose makes use of a common theme throughout armizare in that it can sweep across the body and then immediately counter. By half swording with this grip, the sword in many ways acts as a short spear, and indeed, both the Spear and Pollaxe sections contain a Posta Vera Crose. In all examples of this posta, an effective thrust with the point must be preceded by a pass and cover.

By heavily bracing the sword, this posta can very strongly beat aside attacks, and then deliver a powerful thrust through the opening it has created. The mechanics of half swording mean that it cuts very poorly, and has a fairly short striking range.

This posta can go on the offensive by using a pass to open a hole in the opponents defence and then driving the point through it. Alternatively, you can use the pommel to strike directly to the face (Armour – 8th scholar) or use it to hook around the opponents neck and throw them backwards (Grappling – 7th scholar/ Armour – 9th scholar).