Spear on foot – Scholar to the second 3 masters

Folio 40 r. d


The plays of the spear that I do from the left side end here, obstructing their plays. These three guards shown above do not fail with either long or short spears, because they are both offensive and defensive. And the counter to this thrust can very well be done, when the thrust is broken by turning the butt of your spear and with that wounding the player. This is enough.


Like the first 3 masters, the second 3 masters make their play with a universal sweep, although here the scholar finishes with the hands high. Regardless of the posta you begin from, slide your foot to the right to open your hips. With your right hand by your right temple, swing your left hand up in front of your face. You want your spear point to stop on the centerline. Step through with your left foot to posta serpentino lo soprano.

The attack has already missed. Pushing the spear further offline will not make you any safer, but will slow down your response considerably. The sweep will cover your whole body, as well as creating enough triangulation that the attack will skim over your right shoulder.

Use the movement of the left foot to thrust forward into your opponents face as shown in the picture. This is a variant on exchanging the thrust. You can see other examples of this concept in the following plays.

Just because your sweep moves from left to right, you do not have to finish in posta serpentino lo soprano. Similarly, sweeping from right to left does not mean you have to finish in posta breve la serpentina. The two scholars simply demonstrate two possible end points. Whichever you choose will depend on the openings available in the moment.

The counter to this play is the same as shown by the counter to the scholar of the first 3 masters. As the attack is deflected offline, the player raises their left hand to their shoulder. Driving their right hip forward, as stepping as needed to provide correct distance, they drive their right hand straight up the centerline. This will beat your thrust over their head, allowing them to drive the spear butt straight into your face.

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