Sword in armour – Counter to the master

Folio 35 r. a


This is the counter to the remedy master and of all his scholars. It is true of all counters to a remedy master, that the counter breaks the play of the remedy master and of all his scholars. And this can be said of the spear, pollaxe, sword, dagger, grappling and all of the art. We will return to speak of the remedy master. This counter master puts his hand on the right elbow of the player who covers as the remedy master, and he gives it a strong push to wound him in the back, as shown next.


The master of sword in armour uses Fiores universal defence of sweeping the weapon across the body and stepping through. All of the masters momentum moves in a clockwise direction. As the counter, you will be trying to reverse this. It will require excellent timing, and even then, will not turn them too far. It is better to think of this play as more spinning behind your opponent rather than turning them around.

Having swept your attack aside, your opponent is stepping through to close the distance and stabilise themselves. Step through with your left foot, jamming your opponents right elbow as you do so. It is essential that this happens just before your opponents left foot lands. this is the moment shown.

As your weight sinks onto your left foot, use the push from your hip to shove the elbow across the front of the body. Put all your weight onto your left foot and arc your right foot behind you. Between changing your opponents angle as well as your own, you should find yourself behind them somewhere with plenty of opportunities to take advantage of. Continue as the counter masters scholar. The elbow push can also be seen in the following plays.

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