Sword in armour – Posta di Croce Bastarda (Bastard Cross Guard)

Folio 33 r. b


I am Posta di Croce Bastarda (Bastard Cross Guard) related to Posta di Vera Croce. What it can do, I want to do. I make a good cover, and thrusts and cuts. Habitually, I always dodge the blows by stepping off the line. And my blows are my greatest asset.


As the master clearly points out, Posta di Croce Bastarda and Posta di Vera Croce are variants of each other. Although shown here as a foward weighted stance, it is equally effective when rear weighted.

The main difference between these two guards is the placement of the left hand. Posta Croce Bastarda holds the hand palm down which naturally rests at the left hip, lowering the point of the sword.

By passing off line with the front foot and then sweeping the blade across the body as you step through with the back foot, this posta makes a very strong cover. Having made the cover, you can move on to any of the plays in armour. Fiore uses Posta Croce Bastarda to demonstrate the master play of sword in armour.

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