Sword in armour – Posta Porta di Ferro Mezana (Middle Iron Gate Guard)

Folio 32 v. d


Porta di Ferro Mezana (Middle Iron Gate Guard) I am called, because in armour and without I make strong thrusts, and I pass off the line with my left foot and put a thrust in your face. Or, with the point and edge between your arms, I enter in such a way that I put you in the middle bind as previously drawn and described.


Outside of its appearance here, Posta Porta di Ferro Mezana is also used in easily transferable explanations in the Sword in two hands and Pollaxe sections. In all cases the thrust is emphasised.

In the Sword in two hands description, Fiore tells us that this posta works best with a long sword. This is a reference to the explanations from the One is like the other section. He tells us that any posta can be countered by adopting the same posta in opposition, but where the point is on the centreline, as it is here, the longer sword will have the advantage due to its extra reach.

From a relaxed stance, keep the elbows relaxed but tightly bound to the hips. Drop the blade straight down the centreline, with the point hovering just above the ground.

An invitingly open stance, from here you can flick your sword point up, allowing a recklessly advancing opponent to run onto it. Alternatively, you can go on the offensive, stepping through with the left foot as you thrust, covering a lot of distance and attacking an opponent who would have felt themselves to be out of range.

Use a roverso sottano cut to beat your opponents weapon up and to the right. You can then return along the same line with a cut to the head. The Pollaxe section, with more of a view towards dealing with an armoured opponent recommends having made the beat, you grab the blade in the middle with your left hand and stab into the face.

Another interesting option is provided here with the suggestion that you can thrust in the gap between someones arm and body. This uses your sword something like an oversized guiding rod to position you for a bind. This surprising choice would be more likely used against an armoured opponent or in a friendly bout, where you would be either less able or willing to injure your opponent with cuts and thrusts.

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