Sword in armour – Posta Sagittaria (Archers Guard)

Folio 33 r. a


Posta Sagittaria (Archers Guard) is the name I am called by. I give great thrusts while passing off the line. And if I come against the blow or edge, I make a good cover and immediately strike with my counter. This is my art in which I do not vary.


Posta Sagittaria is a very interesting position. It contains elements of both posta breve la serpentina and posta serpentino lo soprano. It is also simliar in many ways to the 3rd sword guard, where the master holds his weapon in a half sword grip by the pommel.

Like the majority of the sword in armour posta, you are holding your weapon with a half sword grip. Hold your left hand against your chest and your right extended behind you. This loads your sword for a ‘great thrust.’ The mechanics of the grip favour a narrow stance. You are edge on to your opponent. This is a long range stance taken at wide play.

Step your front foot offline to open up your hips. Target the point with your left hand and then release it as the right hand delivers a single handed thrust. This thrust will cover a great distance. Even more so if you step through with your right foot while making it. The name ‘Archers guard’ gives an indication of this positions potential to strike from well out of range. In the moment of pain and confusion your opponent will experience by such an unexpected delivery, you can safely close to narrow play to complete your attack.

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