Sword in armour – Serpentino lo Soprano (High Serpent Guard)

Folio 32 v. c


I am Serpentino lo Soprano (High Serpent) and well armoured. I give great underhand thrusts that rise up and return low. A strong thrust I will throw at you with a pass. This is my art that I know well to do. Of cuts I do not care so much in this art. For the most part, I give great thrusts.


Serpentino lo Soprano threatens the opponent with the point. Should the opportunity arise, you can always lunge straight forward from here. The foreshortening will help deliver a short jab into your opponents face if you are close enough. The reach will be restricted.

It is also possible to step through with the right foot and strike or hook with the pommel.

Primarily though, as clearly stated, this posta delivers great thrusts. Adjust your right foot to give you the appropriate distance and angle to your target. Pass the front foot offline to open your hips up. Swing your arms down in an arc. When your right elbow passes your hip, lock it to the hip, and use the hip rotation to drive the attack forward. This will deliver your point anywhere you choose down the midline with a tremendous amount of momentum.

It is, of course, a highly telegraphed attack. You will typically best utilise this as a finishing technique when you have caught your opponent off balance or from an unexpected angle. As Fiore points out, you will not be able to deliver effective cuts from this posta.

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