Sword in one hand – 4th scholar

Folio 20 v. d


Your sword and your arm are well trapped and you cannot escape that you are humiliated by my means, because you show you know little of this play.


Against an attack, you have responded as the 3rd scholar. You have already moved from the master play to beat the attack aside. With your sword landing in posta fenestra, you have reached out with your left hand to smoothly catch the attackers right wrist. Then you rolled your hand over their wrist in a grab to control your opponents weapon.

This is the position of the 3rd scholar which the 4th scholar continues the attack from.

Shuffle your right foot up and then step out with your left foot so that you are stepping into your opponents space. As you do so, slide your left arm over your opponents right arm, so that the inside of both elbows press against each other. Keep your sword point directed at your opponents face. This is the moment depicted.

To finish the bind, keep rolling your left forearm around. You should end with your hand at shoulder height, your elbow in close to your body, and a 90 degree bend in your arm. Your opponents arm will be completely bound and they will be twisted off balance to your left.

Keep pushing your sword point into your opponents face. This will not only wound them terribly, but also push them so far as to ensure that the bind turns into a throw.

To put on the middle bind effectively, the action of the left hand has to be one continuous movement across the plays of both the 3rd and 4th scholars. You can also see the middle bind in the following plays.

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