Sword in one hand – 5th scholar

Folio 21 r. a


Here I can easily wound you and take your sword without fail. By turning it around the hand, I will send you over in such a way that it is better for you that the sword be released.


The 5th scholar is a simple disarm to use. From the master play, step offline with your front foot, and beat the attack up and to your right, bringing your sword to posta fenestra.

Step through with your back foot. As you do so, extend your left hand out in a straight line from your hip to the pommel of your opponents sword. Keep your elbow in. With your thumb up, grab the pommel at the same moment your foot lands. You should be in the position as drawn.

As your weight sinks onto your front foot, continue the momentum of your left hand on an arc moving in to cover the body, and then back out. At the end of your movement your left elbow should be a fists width away from your ribs, your arm should be bent at 90 degrees, and your hand should be at shoulder height. Pull your hips back to square as you lock into this position.

In doing so, you may pull the sword out of your opponents hand. At the very least, they will completely lose control of it and the blade will be extending harmlessly out to your left side.

Continue your hip movement in an anticlockwise direction. With your left hand, you either take the sword or, if they dont let go, you pull your opponent further off balance. They will be wide open. Use your right hand to push straight forward with a stab to the face.

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