Sword in one hand – 6th scholar

Folio 21 r. b


Here I can wound you in the front, and this is not enough for me, for by grabbing the elbow I will make you turn around for wounds in the back. And I throw my sword around your neck so that you will not see it coming.


From the master play, beat aside the incoming attack with a cut from Posta Coda Longa to Posta Fendente. This will leave you in a stable position while your opponents weapon has been knocked offline.

If the beat has been sufficiently strong, your opponent will turn slightly to your right. As the 6th scholar, you magnify this momentum to take advantage of it. Reach forward with your left hand to catch your opponents elbow as shown.

Step through with your right foot while pushing diagonally across with your left hand. Your opponent will turn anticlockwise, leaving the whole right side of their back exposed. This leaves you with a wealth of opportunities to stroke at. From there, you can also grab your opponent around the neck with your sword as the 7th scholar.

Other examples of pushing the elbow like this can be see in the following plays.

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