Sword in one hand – 9th scholar

Folio 21 v. a


From the turn that I made you do by pushing the elbow, I have quickly come to this position, for the chance to throw you to the ground so that you do not fight again, neither against me nor any other.


Having cleared your opponents attack using the master play, you have been able to catch their elbow and turn them as shown by the 8th scholar. You now continue as the 9th scholar with a throw.

With your right hand, bring your sword in close. You are not going to use it, but by centralising your weight, you will move faster and more effectively. Bring it in even closer than shown, resting your wrist against your ribs, and tucking your elbow in.

Without losing contact, slide your left hand up your opponents arm and across the front of their collarbones.

While doing this, lunge in with your left foot as deep as possible behind your opponent. This is the moment pictured. You will be lifting their right thigh off the ground with your left, so you need to get very close. If you are too far away, then the throw will not work.

As your left foot lands, flare out your knees, stick out your arse, and keeping your back straight, drop your weight as low as possible. Your shins should be upright and your thighs parallel to the floor. This will drive your left knee under your opponents thigh, lifting it slightly.

They are going to naturally start to turn back in a clockwise direction, partly as a response to your original elbow push, and partly to face the threat you are now making behind them. Maximise this by dropping your left arm down and slightly back so that it aligns with your leg and your hand is directly above your knee. Your opponent will fall over your thigh, landing on their back to your left side.

They may well flail their arms around as they fall. This is another good reason to keep your own sword arm firmly tied to your core. With your sword in close, you will easily cover yourself and redirect any inadvertent strikes from your falling opponent. You can also see other examples of this throw in the following plays.

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