Sword in two hands – 2nd counter to the 13th scholar of the 3rd master – Narrow play

Folio 29 v. d


I am also a counter to the scholar who wants to do the dagger play, that is, the play which is two plays before me. If I slice his neck a little he rises up. And then I can throw him to the ground quickly if I want to.


This very interesting play begins in the same manner as the 1st counter to the 13th scholar, but transitions into this mid way through. From the crossing of the 3rd master, your opponent has made the play of the 13th scholar. With their left hand, they have scooped up, making a hooking block under your sword handle and over your right forearm, and then stepped into you, intent on making a middle bind. As described by the 1st counter, as they move their hand into position, lunge your right foot deep to their outside. Place your right hand behind their left shoulder. Make sure your hips are as close as possible to your opponent. Keep your weight low. Cover with your left hand as you move in. Grab the sword with your left hand, pivot on the balls of your feet and go to lever your opponent down as described by the 1st counter.

For some reason, the bind does not work. Usually this is some combination of you either not being close enough, or your timing being slightly off. Regardless of the cause, your opponent is recovering, and trying to push back against your hand. Rather than turning this into a force on force struggle, simply go with their momentum and exaggerate it.

Pivot back to face your original direction again, and as you do so, slide the blade under the corner of their left jaw. This will encourage them to move up and back even further. This is the point shown in the picture.

Drop your right hand and raise your left, sweeping your blade across in front of you. Although the context is completely different, the movement is essentially the same as shown by the master of sword in armour.  You are sweeping the blade from posta vera croce to posta breve la serpentina.

Your opponent will fall backwards over your right leg in a tangled heap with a cut to their neck and a seriously torn shoulder. You will need to step though with your left foot to maintain your own stability and not become twisted up. The bind means they will pull  heavily on your right arm as they fall. Take care not to be pulled down on top of them.

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